Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cancer Be Gong

Today we met with the oncologist and she told us again about there being no evidence of cancer.  Such happy news!  She also gave Roland the option of a tablet form of blood thining medicine that does not require regular blood draws.  He welcomed elimination the twice daily injections. 
He sounded the gong in the lobby signifying completing treatments and successfully beating cancer. A little sign next to the gong reads in part the following:
Gongs have been in existence for 1000s of years. Since the time of Buddha in 600 BC, all sacred Chinese gongs have been inscribed with the two Chinese characters "Tai Loi" which means "happiness has arrived."  
This concludes Roland's adventure.  Thank you for all your support, love, prayers and well wishing.  Now that our world has been turned upside down, we are going to begin our new normal life--whatever that may be.  No matter what lies ahead, happiness has arrived.

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